Project Empathy

Empathic education is something we emphasize on greatly; several private and public schools, special needs institutes and children recovering from drug addiction visit us. The sanctuary provides a very holistic, non-judgemental setting for both animals and children to heal from trauma. It is also the perfect platform for all children to learn true empathy and kindness.

In our experience, rescued animals serve a higher therapeutic purpose for all human beings. They are a source of inspiration with their resolute spirit and grit to learn to live again when given a second chance without anything holding them back. That living moment to moment, never taking life for granted in the kind of meditative atmosphere we strive for as its healing for anyone who visits and opens the hearts of minds of children and adults alike to see the perseverance and strength animals exhibit. It is truly a humbling experience.

ACF aims to spread the much needed feeling of empathy within society. If children cannot visit us, we make it a point to take videos and photos and stories to them. We are in the process of designing colouring books, story books and an animated series for this very purpose.

The more a child can expand their world to be inclusive of more living beings, the less animal abuse will occur and the more civilised our society will become.