Community Stray Animal Feeding Programme

The goal is to bring the community together to take care of the street animals in their area. A feeding programme has been put in place by ACF which focuses on zero waste and no leftovers and a team of captains from different areas to manage the street animal’s food supply in their area.

Potential Captains, the ones who will be doing the feeding in their areas of different types of animals assess the number of animals in their area that includes dogs, cats, donkeys and birds, then fill out a survey form so we can update our database. Then via the ACF platform, we will connect you with people in your area who will be giving you their leftovers to feed animals. Those people are the food providers. The captains then leave the food in clay bowls alongside clean water and the animals remain well fed.

The aim is ZERO WASTE and this initiative began during the starting days of lockdown during COVID-19 when the animals on the road were starving. The aim is to be eco-friendly and animal-friendly!