Mass TNR/Rabies Vaccination

Another initiative by ACF, as undertaken in mostly every country with a large street dog population, we conduct a mass vaccination campaign against rabies as well as TNR (trap, neuter, release) to control and manage the ever increasing dog population in Karachi.

This is the only humane way of managing this problem; poisoning the dogs slowly and painfully shuts down their organs, and the poison in turn also contaminates the soil thereby harming plants, kills butterflies, insects and birds that then ruins the environment and adds to the climate change crisis we are facing globally. Rat population also increases substantially without dogs and this is all creating an imbalance in nature, the aftermath of which we will experience in years to come. The culling method also does not control population growth. In fact, it has been proven scientifically, that culling only increases the population.


Every week, the ACF team goes out to neuter and vaccinate dogs against rabies.

We do this at our own expense, whilst also managing several hundred rescues, daily runnings and all our other activities.


Spay and Neuter is when you fix the animal so it does not reproduce. It is important and practiced in all countries with an overpopulation of stray animals because;

  1. It helps control population of dogs and cats, as many are already out there homeless.
  2. On the average, a cat will have about 3-4 litters a year, and dogs will have 2, each litter consisting of 4-8 babies. In a span of one year, we’re looking at 20 kittens or puppies born from one cat or dog. Now multiply that number by approx a million dogs and you have 20 million homeless cats or dogs in a year.
  3. Neutering and spaying helps prevent Uterian, ovarian, testicular and other reproductive cancers in cats and dogs. Usually if un-mated, the animal will be prone to pyometra or other dangerous diseases which will kill it
  4. Spay and neuter is a far more humane way of controlling the population, prevents serious diseases and can save a generation of animals being abused and abandoned. Hence we spay/neuter, give an anti-rabies shot and release in safe zones that we have located in the city.