Kid Animal Heroes


We want the next generations to carry forward the torch of this animal welfare movement that started taking shape with ACF 7 years ago. We hold educational sessions with children and teenagers on topics like empathy, compassion, different animal behaviour so people can understand how to coexist and respect different species that inhabit their neighbourhood and the world around them.


We wish to help people expand their minds to understand that the universe consists of so many more species that are wonderful in their own right and deserve safety and care, including those animals that live on the streets. The streets are the natural habitat of many dogs and cats and alongside TNR/Rabies vaccination, it’s imperative we learn to coexist.


ACF then gives capes to the heroes and equips them with all the knowledge and paraphernalia required to set out on the streets to educate people from donkey owners to other kids their age and younger, all under the supervision of parents and teachers. Extra precautions during COVID-19.


From infographic, cartoon visuals to explain dog or donkey behaviour to colouring books to story books to an animated series we are working on to help understand animals as a norm in society rather than as unwanted anomalies that they are usually seen as in society which has led to the severe abuse towards animals in the country.