Humane Harness Program

We also hold equine medical camps, where our team goes out to different donkey/equine populated areas of Karachi and brick kilns near Islamabad to provide FREE medical treatment, food and water to the donkeys and to educate the owner on donkey behaviour and donkey handling. We also explain to the owners how treating their animals better will help them in the long run as a donkey is a donkey owner’s sole source of income. Such learning is carried out via social mobilization, capacity building and community awareness programmes alongside FREE medical treatment for the people/children in the neglected brick kilns.

Working animals and their owners are one of the largest and most neglected communities in the country and ACF is one of the few organizations working for their betterment. We also worked closely with the Donkey Sanctuary in the UK in this regard and carried out the first national equine assessment across Pakistan.